Reservations at the Casa del Gavilan can be made directly with the Casa either by phone, or online through the link below. Please note that reservations within 48 hours cannot be made online. For reservations within the next 48 hours please phone the Casa at 575-376-2246 to make your reservations directly with our staff. 

Reservations can also be made through, Expedia, Travelocity, and a number of other reputable websites. Please note the room rates are the same at these other sites. However, making changes to, or cancelling, reservations made through other sites can be much more difficult as we have no control over reservations made through other websites. For the best service with your reservations we recommend making your reservations directly with us online using the link below, or by phone at 575-376-2246.

If you are traveling alone please select " Guests: 1 " to also see the availability of the Library Bedroom for a single guest.