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National Register of Historic Places

We are pleased to announce the  Casa del Gavilan has recently been admitted to the New Mexico Register of Cultural Properties, as well as the National Register of Historic Places, as ". . . among the earliest  and most accomplished examples of a residence designed in the Pueblo Revival style in New Mexico".  

Upgraded Internet Service

We are also pleased to announce the completion of a fiber optic internet cable to the Casa to replace our previous satellite internet system. Guests will find our internet service much improved!

The Casa, The Tooth of Time, and the Milky Way

More about the Casa . . .

Nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Cimarron, New Mexico, is the historic inn, Casa del Gavilan. A place of spirit--where hawk and eagle soar--this grand adobe villa was built 1910-1912 for Jack and Gertrude Nairn, formerly of Hartford, Connecticut. When completed, artists and writers from far and wide came to enjoy the Nairns' elegant hospitality and to capture the majestic beauty that is New Mexico. With twelve-foot high ceilings, vigas, and eighteen-inch thick walls, Casa del Gavilan (House of the Hawk) is a showplace of early Pueblo-revival architecture featuring artwork and sculptures by Frederick Remington, Charles Russell, Robert Redbird, and others.

Surrounded by Philmont Scout Ranch, and a  mile from Philmont's base camp, the Casa del Gavilan offers exceptional views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains,  hiking trails, and the peace and tranquility so rare these days. All  guest rooms have private baths, and a full breakfast is served daily. 

There are no televisions for guests' use at the Casa, nor are there telephones in the guest rooms. Wifi internet is available throughout most, but not all, of the Casa. The Casa del Gavilan is located in a very remote, rural setting. Most of our guests treasure the peace and quiet of the location, and the sense of tranquility in and around the Casa. If this is not what you are looking for, or if you would prefer an on-site bar or restaurant, we suggest you consider the St. James Hotel  for your stay in the Cimarron area. The Cimarron Inn is also a good  alternative located in Cimarron and closer to shopping and restaurants.

Click the photo to the left to read Cecilia Worth's "The Night the Stars Fell".


Casa del Gavilan Historic Inn - Cimarron, NM

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