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Activities at Casa del Gavilan

Most of what Casa del Gavilan has to offer is peace and quiet in abundant quantities. The Casa is located over a mile from a quiet highway so, aside from other guests, or an occasional airplane overhead, you will hear little of the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Casa del Gavilan
has a small library for the enjoyment of guests. We also have numerous board games and other items to pass the time during brief summer rain storms.

For those looking for more strenuous activities, several trails wind through the hills around the Casa. The shortest, and flatest, trail starts in the driveway circle in front of the Casa and runs about 100 yards to the northeast to a small meadow. This meadow offers a terrific view of the surrounding plains and mountains. A bit more strenuous trail begins behind the Casa and heads due west to the water tank building on the hill behind the Casa. Before reaching the tank house stop by the overview area on the right for a terrific view of the Casa and the plains to the east.  This trail is about 1/4 mile long and climbs about 100 feet.

Our longest trail is two miles and will take an hour or two to complete. Beginning behind the Casa this trail circles the property to the south, climbing about 300 feet above the Casa at its highest point.  The trail is flagged and occasionally mowed but some areas may require a bit of imagination to follow. The southeast portion of the trail still shows signs of the Ash Wednesday fire of 2006. The trail passes through a gate into the horse pasture a short distance up the hill behind the Casa.  Please leave the gate in the same position, either opened or closed, in which you find it.  Please stay inside all other fences further along the trail.  The other side of the fence line is Philmont Scout Ranch for which hiking by our guests is not permitted. Take along water and, if you like, something for lunch.  There are many beautiful areas for a picnic along the trail but don't forget to pack out your trash.  If you are an early riser, and a fast walker, the best time to hike this trail in the summer months is before breakfast while the air is cool.  Afternoon thunderstorms are common in the summer months so if early morning isn't your favorite time for a hike the next best options are after breakfast, or in the evening. Remember the Casa is at 7,000 so the air may be a bit thinner than your home. The first portion of the trail is a bit of a climb so take it slow and stop often to enjoy the view (and catch your breath). After the initial climb the trail levels out, then turns downhill on the south end of the property.

Hiking off the trails is perfectly fine but keep an eye on your bearings and please stay on the Casa property. It's easy to get turned around in the hills and scrub oak. Should you become disoriented just head downhill. Elk and deer are occasionally seen along the trail, along with the rare sighting of a Bobcat. Bears are very rarely seen at the Casa and have never been encountered on the trail, although their tracks and other indications of their presence are occasionally found.  If you encounter a bear you are welcome to take it home but you will have to feed it, take it for walks, etc. etc. You will, however, have to keep it in your car as pets are not permitted at the Casa. Mountain lions are also in the area but have never been sighted around the Casa or on the trail.

Keep an eye open for antlers dropped by deer and elk which can occasionally be found on the Casa grounds. You are welcome to keep any antlers you find outside the Casa, or you can choose to leave the antler at the Casa for the enjoyment of our other guests.

During the evenings the most popular entertainment is sitting on the porch or in the courtyard with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and watching the deer graze in the yard or the thunderstorms play over the plains far to the east. A small telescope at the Casa may be used by guests for viewing the moon and stars during evening hours, as well as wildlife during the day.


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